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Medgizmos.com is proud to introduce our new “sister” site – Medgizmosmarket.com  This is an affiliate marketing site that provides discount codes to encourage providers to adopt technologies that will improve care!

First up:

The Acoustic Otoscope is back. This inexpensive device quickly determines if there is fluid behind the tympanic membrane. Please click here to see our review and click here to register to receive discount codes toward purchase of the device and disposable tips!


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New Stuff as of 9/2/2022

Buzzy for Shots

Reduce or Eliminate the Pain of Needlesticks

The “Buzzy” device combines vibrations with cold to reduce the pain associated with needlesticks.  It can be used for vaccinations, IV starts or even with local anesthetic infiltrations. Click on the image to the left to purchase a Buzzy. Medgizmos market receives a small commsion on each sale generated via our site.  Click button below to see our interview with Dr. Amy Baxter, inventer of the device!

Discounts as of 10/17/22!

See below for promotional discount codes on these unique items.

Now $100 off Acoustic Otoscope!

The Acoustic Otoscope

New! $100 off using coupon code MEDGIZMOS100 at

Check My Ear

Your can also get $5 off a $75 bag of 100 tips by using coupon code MEDGIZMOSTIPS

This device detects a middle ear effusion in seconds. Click the top button to see the discussion and review. Click the bottom button to receive a promotional discount code via email.

PlusOptix Vision Screeners

Get an extra year of warranty ($295) value by being referred for a vision screener purchase from Medgizmos Market. 

Send Name, contact information (email and phone) to plusoptix@medgizmosmarket.com  You will then be contacted by a PlusOptix sales representative!

PlusOptix vision screeners expedite vision screening in children 6 months through 7 years of age. 

Click the top button to see the discussion and review, bottom button for Webinar!

SoftSpot Application

Get 25% off application/Kit using coupon code MG2022 at site:


This device detects abnormal head shape in growing babies that may warrant intervention with physical therapy or a helmet. Top button for the review, bottom button for discount codes (25% discount for the application/kit and 3 scans)

BackMarket Refurbished Electronics

Get $10 off your first purchase by using coupon code 878ecf62e3c2434d at 



Awesome site for waranted refurbished high quality laptops, monitors, tablets, and more!  Top button for the review, bottom button for discount codes ($10 off first purchase).


Medgizmos Market is now an Amazon Affiliate.

Use the tab interface below to view the devices and services we recommend for improving medical care. Links are provided to Medgizmos reviews and descriptions if available, as well as direct links to the Amazon site.  Note that as an affiliate Medgizmos Market receives a small commission on purchases generated via our site.

Consider starting an Amazon Business Account to faciliate ordering and qualify for business shipping and discounts!

A green screen will improve your virtual visits by allowing you to use an video or background without distortions. The 56 inch Webaround attaches to the back of your chair.

Current price: $47.99 (20% off list price)!

See our video review at: Webaround Review

Purchase at Amazon

The Clozex wound closure system expedites wound closure for simple lacerations. No lidocaine needed.

A kit sells for $34.99.

      See our video review at: Clozex Wound Closures.

Purchase at Amazon

The Wart Stick allows patients to effectively treat common warts at home, painlessly.

Affordable at $9.99.

See our review at: WartStick Review

Buy at Amazon

Close lacerations quickly and easily without sutures or lidocaine. Painless procedure. Good cosmetic results.

Price: $25.99 (13% off List!)

See our review here: Zip Stitch

Purchase at Amazon

Easily remove ticks without leaving mouth parts. No more fuss or worries regarding infected tick bite sites.

Price: $10.99 for a 3 pack!

See our review at:  Ticked Off

Purchase at Amazon

Buzzy for shots helps prevent or lessen pain associated with injections or IV starts in children.

Price: $45.95

See our Interview: Buzzy

Purchase on Amazon

The Caregiver Professional Grade Infrared Thermometer provides accurate non-touch forehead temps.

Price: $241.75 (15% off List)

See our vidio review at: Caregiver Infrared Thermometer

Purchase at Amazon

The 3-M Littmann Core Digital stethoscope lets you auscultate in analog or digital mode. 

Price: $324.02

      See our video review at: Eko Littman Core

Purchase at Amazon

Fantastic for examining skin lesions, removing sutures, and much more more. 

Price: $25.19 ($5 off coupon available)

Optivisor review

Buy at Amazon


The ScopeAround video otoscope displays 720 px images or videos of the ear canal and tympanic membrane. Ideal for sharing observations with patients. Helpful for removing soft cerumen.

Also at  $33.99, you can recommend the ScopeAround for patients to use at home to share images during virtual visits.

See our video review at: ScopeAround

Purchase at Amazon

The Masimo MightSat pulse fingertip pulse oximeter provides continuous monitoring of heart rate, oxygen saturation, and respiratory rate. Works with a smart device app to continuous monitor these vital signs. Ideal for monitoring response to nebulizer treatments.

Price is $289, but now get $50 off with coupon.

See our review at:  MightySat

Purchase on Amazon

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